The Brand

A short history…

My love for colors and fabrics runs deep, and is tightly woven into my life history.
I am most likely indebted to my great uncle Henri who worked at the Opéra Garnier de Paris as I have followed in his footsteps, and also trained as a theatrical costume designer. I have then learned to master shapes, colors and textures, and acquired strong practical sewing skills.

Eager to broaden my knowledge of the material itself, I have enrolled in and graduated from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris to add more strings to my bow: weaving, knitting, printing fabrics. I only delved deeper into colors…

Later recruited as a clothes designer by a French high-end prêt-à-porter company, I put my academic skills into practice, and gained real-world technical knowhow in fashion design, namely: forecasting the fashion trends, analyzing the market, selecting fabrics, defining color schemes, developing original prints, designing new prototypes and carrying out the designing process from the prototypes to the end product.
Participating in French and international fashion and textile fairs has also greatly broadened my horizons, as the endless possibilities of textile creation further dawned on me.

Ln Fabrics allows me to share my well-honed passion for textiles and my sewing craftsmanship with the broader community of enthusiasts. I am confident that you will find what you are looking for in this carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized choice of high-quality fabrics.
This curated selection of original fabrics is above all an indication of a tried-and-true attention to details that will do wonders for your creativity!

The concept

My aim is to sell a curated selection of contemporary and highly original fabrics that have been created by my top favorite designers, and edited in the U.K. or the U.S.A.
I firmly believe that an exceptional fabric makes for fantastic products, as it gives oomph to the simplest of forms.

These easy-to-handle 100% cotton fabrics are ideal for creating accessories, customizing home decor, undertaking DIY projects, and for tailoring garments for infants, children and adults alike.


Fabric by the meter

I move heaven and earth to get hold of the fabric I fancy once I have fallen for a color, a printed pattern, a drawing, a designer’s imaginary world and his/her artistic sensitivity. I also make sure to stock suitable fabric options to complement, and enhance it. The references on offer are therefore easy to mix, match, put together or deconstruct to your heart’s content!

Short-lived by definition, the mini-collection I propose is constantly updated, to remain in tune with the seasons. If a reference is sold out, do not worry! I can assure you, you will all over again fall head over heel in love with another designer’s gem of a fabric.





Pure creations


The carefully handcrafted textile pieces that I put up for sale reflect my own artistic sense and personal sensibility. They illustrate a fondness for “beauty” and “craftsmanship”.

If I draw most of my inspiration from the fabrics you can buy in my e-shop, l also love antiquing. Always on the lookout for a vintage or contemporary high quality bolt of fabrics, I can’t resist mixing and matching them, hence a limited number of pure creations on offer.

While the more delicate or challenging materials sometimes require all my skills, they make for exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else: 100% French and made in Lyon !

Magical kits (forthcoming)

I am looking into putting kit boxes together. They would allow you to handcraft your very own articles based on simple yet stunning original patterns. Stay tuned!