Elixir – Pink

18.00 /meter

Miniature triangles from Camelot Fabrics add a vintage graphic undertone to this inspired honeycombed pattern. The color palette is appealing and zingy: the background is lilac pink and the small darling triangles display a wide range of pink shades, grayish mauve and brownish gray hues.

A perfect base to carry out home decorating (cushions, blankets, play mats, reusable wipes. etc…) or clothing projects for grown-ups, children and infants alike (tops, skirts, shorts and bloomers, cuddle toys…), and last but not least quilting and patchwork ideas.

x 20cm

Detailed information

  • Editor

    Camelot Fabrics

  • Composition

    100% cotton

  • Width


  • Weight


  • Raccord (eng)

    L 11cm x 9cm

Wash & Care

  • cycle normal 30° (eng)
  • blanchiment interdit (eng)
  • séchage tambour interdit (eng)
  • repassage température basse (eng)
  • nettoyage professionnel, perchloréthylène et hydrocarbures (eng)