Harvest – 1280

18.00 /meter

Wendy Kendall’s woodland inspired collection called Harvestwood for Dashwood Studio greets the coziness of autumn with open arms.

The heartwarming forest depicted in this print is nothing less than a snug haven for cute animals: bears, foxes, woodpeckers, owls, and other birds nestling in the foliage. The color palette evokes the withered leaves of autumn: auburn, coppery reddish-brown, brownish-yellow, chestnut-brown, greenish-blue and emerald green.

Ideal fabric to craft fashion accessories, sew garments for your little ones and brighten your kids’ room (blankets, bags, pouches, play mat, cushions, curtains, reusable wipes).

x 20cm

Detailed information

  • Editor

    Dashwood Studio

  • Composition

    100% cotton

  • Width


  • Weight


  • Raccord (eng)

    L 39,5cm x H 20cm

Wash & Care

  • cycle normal 30°
  • blanchiment interdit
  • séchage tambour interdit
  • repassage température moyenne
  • nettoyage professionnel, perchloréthylène et hydrocarbures