Roaring Good Yarn – 1433

18.00 /meter

Wondrous and mythical unicorns, dragons and werewolves harmoniously embellish  this fanciful pattern  from Rosalind Maroney for Dashwood Studio with red vermilion, sharp blue, ochre, sand yellow and iron grey.

Ideal starting point base to create fashion accessories, garments for kids (sleep sacks, baby blankets, bags and boxes, etc…), embark upon quilting and home decorating projects (cushions, curtains, cuddly toys, reusable wipes, etc…)

x 20cm

Detailed information

  • Editor

    Dashwood Studio

  • Composition

    100% cotton

  • Width


  • Weight


  • Raccord (eng)

    L 51cm x H 25cm

Wash & Care

  • cycle normal 30° (eng)
  • blanchiment interdit (eng)
  • séchage tambour interdit (eng)
  • repassage température basse (eng)
  • nettoyage professionnel, perchloréthylène et hydrocarbures (eng)