Scuba – Brandon Mably

21.00 /meter

This tropical and aquatic print from Brandon Mably for Free Spirit takes you on an exciting journey to a polychromatic ocean floor inhabited by multicolored fishes, extravagant seaweed, tentacular octopuses, extraordinary sea horses. The color palette is lively, bright and bubbly: purple, navy blue, ultramarine, aquamarine, coral orange, moss green, deep purple, hibiscus pink.

Ideal starting point to create fashion accessories, garments for kids (sleep sacks, baby blankets, bags, bloomers, etc…), embark upon quilting and home decorating projects (cushions, curtains, cuddly toys, reusable wipes, etc…)

x 20cm

Detailed information

  • Editor

    Free Spirit

  • Composition

    100% cotton

  • Width


  • Weight


  • Raccord (eng)

    L 90cm x H 59cm

Wash & Care

  • cycle normal 30° (eng)
  • blanchiment interdit (eng)
  • séchage tambour interdit (eng)
  • repassage température basse (eng)
  • nettoyage professionnel, perchloréthylène et hydrocarbures (eng)